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Saturday, December 20, 2008

2004 GMC Sierra Blower New Blower Resistor Does Not Fit

   I have a 2004 GMC Sierra. The blower resistor is no good. I've gone thru GM dealerships and I have friends that work for aftermarket parts dealerships. The replacement resister does not bolt up and is similar but the bolt pattern and shape are slightly different. Is there also a new snap on harness that this resistor works with or am I getting the wrong parts?

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Sparky said...

Our part # 15-81086 is the one you need for your truck. There is a footnote that there may be a mounting plate that has to be removed so that the new resistor can bolt directly to the case assembly. I do want to clarify one thing though, in your reply you stated that you have a 5.3lt automatic A/C Bench seat. The automatic that you speak of is it the transmission or the type of a/c. If it is the type of a/c, the automatic systems do not use blower resistors. Instead they use blower control processor modules and we will need to backtrack and help you through a diagnosis of that type system.