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Saturday, December 20, 2008

2006 Silverado Blower Staying On

Sparky, Thanks for your site and all its great info!! I have the blower staying on problem w/ my 2006 Silverado. I have the 5.3 V8, bucket seats, and center console.  I needed the parts right away (its too cold!)  and picked them up from the local NAPA. The problem is my existing resistor does not have the big (7 wire) harness it only has three wires going into it. The parts I got do not match. Can you help me?

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Sparky said...

The part you should be in need of is a blower motor control processor. It is only available through your dealer or Delco distributor. We can supply that part. However there is an early and a late design and we would need numbers off of the actual processor. 1st design; 89018778, 52413530 or 52409643 2nd design; 89018964 or 52416100.