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Monday, January 12, 2009

2001 Grand Am Gt , Dome Lights Stay On

I was wondering if and where the door ajar sensor would be located on my 2-Door 2001 Grand Am GT. When I close my drivers door the dome lights stay on until my vehicle is in motion and come back on when I come to a stop. Any help would be appreciated.



Sparky said...

The switch is inside the door at the latch assembly.The driver's switch will have a Light Green/Black and a Black wire. The passenger switch will have a Light Blue and a Black wire. Has anyone checked body codes or body data to see if it is the driver's door, the passenger door or possibly the body control computer? My guess from your description is that either the BCM is faulty or you have some loose wiring that is moving at different speeds.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give you an update to my Grand Am woes. Turns out that
is was the BCM, unplugged it and the connectors and the circuit board
was covered in corrosion, seems that the blower motor leaks condensation and collected on the insulation pad on the kick panel. I was able to clean the connectors and circuit board and it is clean of corrosion. I crossed my fingers and plugged it back in and it working perfectly so far, I am going to purchase another BCM if and when this one takes a
crap. Thanks again for helping me out and leading me in the right
direction. I appreciate it.