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Monday, March 9, 2009

2002 Chevrolet G3500 Van Dome Lights Inop

Enjoy your site and the efforts you put in to it.
Here's my problem: 2002 Chevy G3500 Van, I can turn on the dome lights with the switch located on the main light switch assembly. All lights work throughout the van but when I open any of the doors, two front doors, two rear doors or two side doors, I get no light. Any ideas.

Thanks in advance, Tom

Hi Tom,

What position is the dome light override switch in? There should be a push button in the headlight switch area. Depending on the position of the switch the door switches will not work.


Correct, I have checked it in both positions, in and out, problem remains. I have tried numerous things to no avail.

Hi Tom,

There are several things to look at. First check your fuses in particular the 25 amp PWR ACCY fuse in the interior fuse box. Second access the rear of the headlight switch assembly,unplug the connector, locate the purple wire at terminal L and check to see if it has a ground on it when you open any of the doors. If it does then the door switches are good. Next reconnect the harness to the switch and with a door open that you have confirmed has a good switch in it, check for a ground on the gray wire, terminal B with the dome light over ride switch in both positions. You should have a ground in one position and not the other. If this is okay you will have to locate the interior lamp control module. It may be in one of two places. Either under the center of the dash or behind the right kick panel. The diagram shows that it should have five wires. Pink (ignition power),Gray (door switch input),Orange (constant power),Black (constant ground) and White (ground output to lights)



Anonymous said...

I also have the same issue with the dome light. I did all the tests as you specified and still have no power to the dome light.

Sparky said...

Uh, what were you test result voltages?