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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I looked on your site and I was not really seeing exactly what my problem is.  I am a woman with little mechanical skills, how ever I can do somethings...  My problem is:  My Buick's battery went dead on a Sunday and was jump started, and then 2 days later the battery died again and I was jump started and I went to advanced auto parts and they put in  a new battery. (they did the cord plug to the inside to keep the electronics from going haywire.)  But later that day, when I turned on my ac the vents are not working properly... I have air blowing out of the defrost and I have air blowing in the back seats... but I am unable to get air into my front vents.,.  I noticed reading blogs people had similar problems but they also had other issues and I am not sure what could be wrong.  I Googled and did see that other people who had Rainier's and their batteries went dead, their vents in front did not work either.. there were no solutions...  Can this be a fuse that needs to be replaced or is it the actuator  that you mention in other peoples blogs. 
What do you  think , and if you did have an idea, can you give me step by step or direct me to a step by step ??  I really do not have a lot of money to spend it on a mechanic... 
I would appreciate any help that you could give me.
Thank you again,

Hi Rhoda,

Your problem should be the same as the one in the repair article that I have included a link for. The exceptions would be if your Rainier is a 2002 model of if you have adjustable pedals in your vehicle.


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