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Friday, June 28, 2013

1998 Ford Expedition Power Window Problems, The GEM Has Been Replaced To No Avail!

A reader, Paul R., recently had a problem with his 1998 Ford Expedition that went beyond a normal GEM issue.

In order of events. Problem was w/ driver side one touch moving window down w/o activating the switch. All other windows worked. I taped it in the up position to keep it from activating. Over time none of the windows worked and the one touch was intermittent. I put in a new drivers switch ...nothing. I changed out the GEM module and the one touch down works but I have to use an auxiliary battery jumpered to the drivers door switch ground and up terminal to raise it. I tried jumpering to the other windows via this switch...nothing. I've have since checked no power (black blue wire) coming into switch. Checked lower right terminal on battery saver relay and have 12v. Could not get a good ground on the upper right but maybe it was my 12v jumper from the vehicle battery. Below is my window schematic. If you have a moment please suggest the next step. Thanks for all the info provided from your site.

Finally got around to fixing the window problem. This recent post was my exact problem. Connector rests above the floor board which was rusted out. Three of the 7 wires in the connector had no continuity...rusted. Spliced, fixed the hole and all is fine. Please pass on to others w/ similar issues. Thanks again.

Here are a couple pics. Three splices to bypass bad wires in the connector and added a new ground. Second pic shows light coming through the  hole. Floor patch to follow. Had to remove the plastic kick panel to access. All the wires through this connector go from the door to/from the door switch to,  I believe the GEM. The blue w/ black strip wire which is + power was intact but w/ high resistance. Once spliced all windows and door locks worked.... previously only the drivers window touch down would work but not up and no door locks. Had to add power to the switch to raise the window. Hope this helps others. Many older Ford Expeditions in the north w/ salted roads rust in this area.

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