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Saturday, July 11, 2009

2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer, Will Not Idle

I have a 2002 trailblazer Wednesday I had the battery replaced, since then I notice that whenever the a/c is cut on it dies out

Hi Sam,
It sounds like carbon build up on the throttle plate. If you can stand to drive it long enough the computer should learn around the condition just like it did over the life of the vehicle so far. If you want to clear it up sooner you should clean the throttle plate. Most shops keep the cleaner and will clean it for a fee or you can purchase throttle plate cleaner at most parts stores. If you clean it yourself you should wear some sort of protective gloves as you need to spray the clean on a rag and then wipe the throttle plate clean. Some disassembly is needed. If you have Throttle Actuator Controller (no throttle cable between throttle body and gas pedal) Be sure not to spray the throttle bore as it can damage the motor bearings and seals. Do you have a service engine soon light on?Sparky
No just changed the battery because I had to jump it off a few times and took battery in for evaluation it was still on under warranty so they just prorated the price of new one. Then this started happening. So just spraying this down will clear it up and car will not die with Air Conditioner on.

Hi Sam,
Yes, Cleaning the throttle body should correct the condition. You should be more sure that it will after you inspect and find some carbon built up on the throttle plate and throttle bore. However I do caution you about "spraying it down" , Apply the cleaner to a rag and wipe it clean. Excessive amounts of the solvents can damage seals, bearings, sensors and idle control motors!!!! Make sure you only use approved throttle plate cleaner. Other cleaners can damage interior coatings. Sometimes you have to wrap a rag around the end of a screwdriver or similar device and basically make a large Q-tip in order to clean it due to depth.

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