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Friday, June 11, 2010

2005 Chevrolet Silverado, High Blower Inop

Hi Sparky,

I ordered a blower resistor and harness combo and two weeks after replacing it, the high blower does not work again. What could be the problem? All other speeds work.

Since all other speeds work we know that the ground is okay. What you need to do is switch the key on, set the blower speed to high (#5) and check for power on the red and orange wires at the blower resistor seven wire connector. Let me know what you find.


Well Sparky,

I did what you suggested and found that the red wire was burnt. It started working as soon as I touched it. I guess I should have went ahead and changed the connector when I changed the resistor. I bought both at the same time but the connector looked okay.

Lesson learned. It is very difficult to predict if a connector will fail or not with this system. I agree with GM that the connector and the resistor should be replaced at the same time, regardless of how good it looks!!!!


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