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Sunday, March 28, 2010

1997 Ford Expedition, Battery Goes Dead, Dealer Claims GEM Is The Cause!


I read your write-up on replacing a GEM module in a 1997 Ford. Thanks!

I have a 97 Expedition, the dealer told me after 10 minutes and $300 that I need a new GEM and the price tag was going to be $1700.

The symptom is this: everything remains on after the key is turned off and removed. Drains the battery. Does that sound like the GEM or are their other things that would cause this? Thanks



I guess they just don't want to work on a 1997 Expedition. About $450 to $700 would be in the normal range for a GEM replacement on your truck, depending on the cost of the actual GEM for your truck. Some are higher than others depending on year and trim levels. Now on to your problem. You stated that everything stays on with the key off. Can you be more specific, windows, lights, dash warning lights, radio,engine, interior lights, wipers and etc? If the windows and radio stay operational but the dash warning lights are out, I would suspect one of the relays on the left side of the interior fuse box. Specifically relay #2 (battery saver relay) and relay #5 (accessory delay relay). Try tapping on the relays or removing them. If you remove them, look for signs of water intrusion. These trucks have known problems with leaking windshields that damage relays and GEM's. If the dash warning lights stay on along with other items I would suspect a faulty ignition switch or ignition switch linkage.


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That was it, relay #2. Works like a champ, and change back from my $20. Much better than $1700.

Thank you so much!


Hi Dan,

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