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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2001 Chevrolet Impala, No Dash Lights.

Hi Sparky,

I have a 2001 impala the radio lights and the (P.R.N.D.2.1) lights work in the daytime and at night I cant see them, Also the cluster lights dont seem to work at all, Can you give some tips please.


Hi Arthur,

It would seem like either the panel dimming fuse is blown or the dimmer circuit board in the headlight switch is faulty. Have you checked to see if the switch is turned down to the full dim position?


It's the first thing you do when something is not working is to see if it is turned on. It is fixed I went to work on it as soon as I read your reply, it was the dimmer circuit board.


Anonymous said...

would that also turn your tail lights off too? my dash and tail lights go out and then back on no set times its a 04 with remote starter

Sparky said...

The headlight switch could be the problem but it would not be in the dimmer circuit board of the switch. Many other things could be the fault as well and I would suggest looking at a wiring diagram and doing some testing.